BEST: bp2r launches a loyalty program

bp2r takes an opposing approach to tendering platforms by reducing the number of interrogated carriers whilst undergoing tenders for its clients, both distributors and manufacturers. This qualitative sourcing differs from electronic platforms where shippers can interrogate hundreds or thousands of carriers in a few clicks.

bp2r publishes its third report on urban logistics with data collected from August to November 2016 by bp2r’s market watch unit

Fives main themes were analysed to track current urban logistics developments. bp2r has setup an in-house monitoring unit to track the transport sector’s evolution. This unit covers all modes and segments of transport, monitoring the evolution of transport markets, European regulations, tariffs and transport service providers’ rates. Download the report here.

European carriers’ outlook is bright. Their French counterparts’ is slowly improving

For the 6th year running, bp2r conducted a survey with carriers to assess the current state of play of road transportation in Europe. In this year’s edition, many European operators took part in the survey. Their optimism was clear to see. Results show overall moral to be improving for French carriers and freight forwarders alike, even if some remain financially fragile. Download the survey here.

Demand for eco-friendly solutions is increasing

France plans to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 30% by 2030. The transport sector is one of the main contributors to CO2 emissions and local pollution. Until recently, the use of carbon free vehicles has been limited to a few niche markets. Since 2010, however, large manufacturers have launched numerous such vehicles. By 2025, carbon free vehicles are predicted to represent 27% of the €50-90 billion European market.